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So I ramble.

This blog was originally created for the Cannonball Read, and I really thought I’d just use it for reviews, partly because my old blog had pictures of me on it, but more because I never got around to posting more than one review on that one, and that’s kind of embarrassing.  Thus was born this blog.

But I’m a sucker for rambling.  I can’t really do it regularly.  I love the idea of diaries but I’ve never been able to keep one up myself.  On the other hand, back when I was in the hospital I wrote a lot and it soothed me.  So, of course, I occasionally dropped in here and added a post or two.

Finally, I decided, screw it.  This is my new blog, and I’m going to write when I want to.  So I’ll post the reviews on here still, but now I’ll post whatever the hell I feel like posting about as well.  I like to spout off a lot of words, but you know that “sound and fury” quote?  That’s about how much most of my words mean.  Still, I’ll get some out, soothe my souls, and save my husband hours of pretending to listen to my nonsensical ramblings.

So that’s what this blog is all about.


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