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December 31, 2011 / leuce7

Cannonball Read III Review #10 – Tough Customer

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

When I used to read more mystery than I did romance, one of my favorite genres was romantic suspense, a blend of mystery and romance (perfect for my tastes at the time).  Sandra Brown was one of the authors I’d pick up when I got a chance, but as I discovered her late in my preference for romantic suspense, and she eventually became such a bestseller that she began to be published in hardcover (I can’t afford to feed my reading habit with anything other than mass market paperbacks) I didn’t really read to much written by her.

However, I did get a chance to read Tough Customer, which was lent to me.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book follows Dodge Hanley, a private investigator who was apparently a character in previous book (which I now want to read) as he travels to Texas to help out his daughter, whom he’s never had a relationship with, out of trouble that’s shown up on her doorstep.  He comes at the request of the mother, who was the love of his life, and whom he hasn’t contacted in thirty years.

The daughter, Berry’s, story is mixed in with flashbacks that tell the story of how Caroline and Dodge loved and lost, and while the mystery picks up steam, it is Caroline and Dodge’s story that really hooks you in.  How they got together, and how he lost her, become as gripping a story as what’s happening to Berry and the danger she’s in, and that all the characters are working at getting her out of.  Add in some romantic tension between Berry and the deputy in charge of investigating her case, and there’s enough going on to keep the book packed with action and developments that entertain until the end.



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