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December 31, 2011 / leuce7

Cannonball Read III Review #11 – Crave

Crave by J. R. Ward

Last year (or it might have been this year, my reading’s all kind of a blur) I picked up the first in a new series by J. R. Ward, who writes the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (apparently a vampire series, none of which I’ve read) which was characterized as a novel of the Fallen Angels.  I’ll all for the fight between good and evil (rooting for good, of course), so I picked it up.  As this isn’t a review of that first book, I’ll just quickly summarize to say that Jim Heron, a Harley biker with all the attendant character attributes that might call to mind, is the man/soul picked to come back down to earth and play a game to win souls for good or evil, in a sort of best-of-seven series which will determine the fate of humanity.  Or something like that.

The first book was interesting and entertaining, enough to leave me curious about the next in the series but not enough to go out and get it.  Eventually I saw it in the library and brought it home.

Hot damn, I liked the next one.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for the tortured hero, or the hot secret military outfit black ops guy, or something just clicked for me with this book’s protagonist, but I was sucked in by the character’s travails and really rooting for the the good guys to win this one.

The set up is this: Isaac Rothe was in the same covert government special ops unit (I must admit, I’m a sucker for the super-secret made-up special ops units in books) that our angel (?) Jim was once part of, only Isaac’s gone AWOL and is out for revenge or redemption, or maybe both.  Except he gets Boston townie lawyer Grier Childe involved when she’s assigned as his public defender after he gets busted for amateur cage fighting (or whatever that fighting is in the movie Warrior.  Did I mention I really dug Warrior? It has to be that tortured hero thing, I’m guessing.   The physique doesn’t hurt, either).  And our boy falls hard for Ms. Childe, and tries to keep her clear from the mess he’s in, but he’s dealing with forces, real and spiritual, beyond his control.

I must admit, it doesn’t sound all that great when I try to summarize it.  But if you can suspend disbelief enough to buy the prospect of a fight between angels and the minions of Satan, then it’s worth a read.  The “angels” aren’t your harp-playing, white-robe wearing flying beings of serenity, which jibes more for me with the idea of what an angel is supposed to be (a warrior of God) than a halo-wearing being.  And the chemistry between Isaac and Grier is definitely smoldering, if you’re a fan of the more down-and-dirty end of the romance spectrum.  And, I must admit, I was surprised by the outcome of this battle for souls, and very much looking forward to the next installment in the series.


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